Atlas DAO is a dynamic, forward-thinking organization at the core of the interchain ecosystem. Fueled by a community of Atlas NFT and Geckies NFT holders. Atlas DAO leverages on-chain governance to ensure complete autonomy, security, and transparency. The governance structure unlocks collaboration for Atlas NFT and Geckies holders, bringing ownership to the collective vision of developing protocols, DAPPS, web3 tooling, and games.

We aim to empower both creators and collectors by crafting user-friendly solutions to the challenges faced in this evolving space. Looking ahead, NFT Raffles and NFT-collateralized peer-to-peer loans will offer innovative avenues for NFT owners seeking liquidity.

Ultimately, Atlas DAO envisions a self-sustaining hub that adapts to the evolving needs of the NFT space. We will actively consider community requests for tooling development and fostering a unified NFT experience within the Cosmos ecosystem. Engage yourself in the captivating universe of DAO and NFT, and become an integral part of Atlas DAO’s journey. Connect with us and share your feedback:

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