Non-Custodial Loans

Put NFT's up as collateral to borrow assets. Fund a Loan to passively collect more tokens. Collect NFT's from defaulted loans.

List Collateral Offer

The lifecycle begins by broadcasting a list_collateral to the contract. To participate as a borrower, you must provide collateral. A loan offer with your preferences may be accepted, or you may also recieve offers which you may accept or reject. In your loan offer, state the desired:

  1. principle capital - how much you are asking to borrow

  2. loan duration - how long you would like to be able to repay the loan

  3. intrest rewarded - interest calculated from the loan principle

Create A Loan Offer

Lenders can loan assets in pursue of guaranteed return, whether it be: - principle + agreed upon interest - assets in collateral escrow When the borrower repays the loan, the capital, plus the agreed interest, is returned to the lender.

Accept or Reject A Loan Offer

Upon accepting an offer, the coins will go in your wallet. Simultaneously, your collateral is moved into escrow via smart contract, for an agreed upon loan period.

Repaying The Loan

Successfully repaying the loan before its expiration results in the retrieval of your collateral;

Loan Default

Defaulting on the repayment of an accepted loan results in the lender taking ownership of your collateral!

This unlocks more on-chain methods for token-economy implementations.


  • A set fee of 50 STARS, every time a NFT is put up for loan (collateral deposit)

  • 5% of interest repayment from each loan

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