Listing A Collateral

A borrower may list various assets as collateral & signal their desired terms. This allows anyone to either fund a loan, or make an offer on the new loan listing.

Supported Collateral Assets:

  • Stargaze Sg721 Contracts

  • CosmWasm Cw721 Contracts

  • Native & IBC Tokens

  • coming soon: ?

Loan Terms

  • principle - the initial assets being borrowed

  • interest - % interest from the principle

  • duration - blocks loan term is active

To List A Collateral & Define Desired Loan Terms:

  1. Navigate to the create-new-loan page.

  1. Decide which assets you are to put up as collateral, & then continue to the next page

  1. Select your desired Loan Terms:

a. Principle: all IBC supported coins b. Interest: % of principle to be required during repayment c. Duration: total blocks in loan lifecycle

  1. Click save & continue and sign transaction

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